Martyr remains found in mass grave

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Millitary forces in the central province of Quang Tri on Wednesday began the process of identifying the remains of 158 war martyrs found in a mass grave two days earlier.


A local resident discovered the grave when he was digging holes to plant rubber trees. Apart from human skeletons, the grave contained buttons, wristwatches and hammocks at a depth of around 60 centimeters.


Remains of 70 soldiers have been found so far, but according to information given by the Association of US Vietnam War Veterans, the unit located there had 158 soldiers who were all killed on January 27, 1968.


Local forces have been looking for the bodies since the country's reunification in 1975, but had been unable to find anything until now.


Ho Thanh Tu, head of the Quang Tri Military Command, said his unit will look for all the remains before burying each of them properly.


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