Marriage brokers for Chinese men get increased jail terms

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The Vietnamese supreme court Wednesday  increased jail terms for two women and a man found guilty of illegally providing marriage brokering services for Chinese men when the case was considered on appeal.

Trinh Thi Thu, 52, got eight years instead of the six years that the first trial had sentenced her to.

Huynh Thi Nhuan, also 52, and Ho Thanh Phong, 25, had their sentences increased to seven and five years from five and four years respectively, according to the ruling of the Supreme People's Court.

The 10-year jail term for the 49-year-old ringleader, Nguyen Thi Thu Xi, Phong's mother, was maintained.

The four defendants come from the southern Tay Ninh Province near Ho Chi Minh City. Xi was arrested at Hanoi's Tan Son Nhat International Airport on May 26, 2010, when she was about to take three girls to China.

In June 2009, Xi arrived in China for cosmetic trading and met two Vietnamese women who asked her to find Vietnamese girls for Chinese men.

The two promised to pay Xi 5,000 Chinese yuan ($770) for each successful brokerage.

After returning to Vietnam, Xi connived with Trinh, Nhuan and Phong to select Vietnamese girls for Chinese men.

They successfully sent 14 Vietnamese women to China between late 2009 and May 2010.

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