Market watchdog ordered to pay VND1.9 bln for trucks damaged in impound

Thanh Nien News

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A court in Quy Nhon Town on Monday order the town's market management agency to pay VND1.9 billion in compensation to owners of 11 trucks which were damaged in its impound lot in 2012.
The court also nullified the agency's decision to impound the 11 trucks and 4 others, which it made after claiming the trucks were carrying titanium ore without clear origin in January 2012.
The case was filed in April that year after the truck owners, Hong Ha and Bach Viet companies, got back the trucks after the impoundment and realized that they were rusted out due to being left outdoor without proper care, and many parts had been stolen. 
The companies were contracted to transport 434 tons of titanium ore from a mine in Phu My District to a dump station in Quy Nhon Town. On the way, their trucks were stopped by staff of the Market Surveillance Agency, the government organization tasked with preventing trade violations in domestic markets.
The staff suspected the mineral had no clear origin because they claimed the bills of lading did not conform with the official form issued by the Finance Ministry.
They decided to seize the trucks for investigation, originally for ten days but later until April 10, 2012.
The companies appealed to the provincial government, which after consideration said that the documents were legal and ordered that the vehicles be returned.
The court on Monday ordered that  the Market Surveillance Agency pay an average compensation of VND170 million (about $8,000) for each of the 11 damaged trucks.

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