Man's shoe caught in HCMC's Lotte mall escalator

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A man escaped unhurt after his shoe got trapped in an escalator in Lotte Mart, a popular shopping mall in Ho Chi Minh City's District 7, on Saturday.
According to his sister, who was with him when the incident happened at 8 p.m., the escalator between the second and first floors that they were taking almost reached the bottom when his right shoe somehow got stuck between a step and the escalator platform.
"We heard a loud noise under our feet. My brother saw his shoe being dragged in and was quick to pull his foot out of it," the sister, Xuan Huong, said. The escalator stopped working immediately.
Huong's brother, a disabled man with an artificial leg, was pulled to safety with the help of others. 
They went home half an hour later, leaving the shoe at the scene.
A picture taken at the scene shows a canvas shoe stuck between a step and a metal panel, but it was not clear why some other panels were displaced.
A representative of Lotte Mart on Sunday confirmed reports of the incident, which he said happened for the first time in the shopping mall.
He said the escalator system is maintained every two or three months.
Huong said that a man who introduced himself as a "manager from Lotte" called her family on Sunday to apologise for the incident.

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