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Le De, 77, makes dinner in his hut.

Le De, 77, has never worn a shirt in his life.

He is poor, but not too poor to afford even a shirt, the man from the central province of Quang Nam says. But he wants to live simply, and he is as good as his word.

"When I was a baby, my parents left me naked. When I grew up a little, I put on shorts. I've been shirtless for so long that I'm used to it and never feel cold.

"Many people have asked me to put on a shirt in the winter to avoid getting sick, but I have never been sick. I'm strong as an elephant."

Once he briefly tried to wear a shirt given by people who felt sorry for him, but it felt itchy and he took it off.

Since he had never dreamt about a woman, he was not too concerned about sprucing himself up for a date.

He rarely buys his shorts either, instead using what people give him. 

He only washes them occasionally. "A lot of washing just means a waste of water and detergent, and the shorts will wear out sooner."

De's parents died when he was young, and he seems to have no relatives now.

"Neighbors love me and built me a house but I don't feel well staying in there."

Instead, he lives in three small straw huts in Binh Giang commune, Thang Binh District.

It is isolated and the only sounds that can be heard there are that of cicada and birds.

In the biggest tent, measuring around three square meters, he cooks and eats, another one has a small bamboo bed, and the third has his few possessions.

He get 10 kilograms of rice a month from local authorities, and he eats that or instant noodles with fermented fish made from anchovy and salt.

He works a little to buy them.

Locals bring him food when they have parties or festivals, but he refuses to take anything.

"Eating too much does not bring such happiness. Eating simply feels better.

"We do not live to eat, so I don't think people should spend time and effort making fancy dishes."

Le Chon, 66, a local who grew up with him, says De used to be a good student at school but had to drop out since his family was poor.

Le Duc, another local, said: "Everyone here loves him. He never makes anyone sad or angry. He is always smiling and never takes offence."

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