Man who killed, cut up brother's wife gets death sentence

By Bui Thu, Thanh Nien News

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Dang Van Tuan answers questions at the trial on Wednesday Dang Van Tuan answers questions at the trial on Wednesday


A court in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday sentenced a man to death for killing his sister-in-law and dismembered her body in 2014.
Dang Van Tuan, 42, was charged with strangling Bui My Hanh, 43, to death in September 2014. He then mutilated her body with a knife in their house in District 1, HCMC, and dumped the parts in different streets.
Tuan had moved into the home of his brother Dang Van Thanh and his common-law wife Hanh in March 2014, after serving a seven-year prison term for pushing drug.
Tuan and Hanh, who were both methamphetamine addicts, soon were engaged in an illicit affair.
In August 2014, however, they had conflict after Hanh found out Tuan had an intimate relationship with another woman. They were often involved in heated quarrels.
Tuan said at the trial that on Sep. 28, 2014, when they were alone using drug at home, Hanh continued to insult him and threatened to have thugs attack him and his relatives.
Tuan said he went mad and hit her in the head with a kitchen pestle. Hanh fell on her back but was still alive. Tuan strangled her to death.
He then slashed his wrists in a suicide attempt but failed.
Tuan said he "covered Hanh's body with a blanket and continued to stay and used meth in the house for two more days."
On Sep. 30, Tuan dismembered Hanh's corpse and placed the parts in several plastic sacks. Early the next day, he dumped them at the mouth of a nearby alley on Vo Van Kiet St., and buried Hanh's head under a bridge in District 6, before returning home.
Residents in the alley discovered the dismembered corpse in the same morning and reported to local police. As the news spread, Tuan's neighbors also reported to the police about the suspicious stench emanating from his house.
When they arrived at Tuan's house, he again attempted to commit suicide by slashing his wrists, but were saved by the police.
In his last words at the trial, Tuan said he knew he was guilty, and so it was fair that "a life for a life." He appologized to Hanh's mother and insisted that the court hand him the death penalty.

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