Man sentenced to death for killing 2 in botched burglary

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Nguyen Van Ky at the trial. Photo credit: Van Thanh/Zing Nguyen Van Ky at the trial. Photo credit: Van Thanh/Zing


A court in Hanoi on Tuesday handed down a death sentence to a man for stabbing to death two people who caught him breaking in their house last year.

Nguyen Van Ky, 46, was convicted of killing Nguyen Luong Chuan, 59, and his son Nguyen Luong Chinh, 29, in Thach That Dist, Hanoi on Dec. 6, 2015. He was also convicted of robbery.
According to the indictment, Ky broke into the victims' house that night, armed with a knife, when their family of four was sleeping.
Ky claimed he brought the knife to break door locks, not with the intention to murder.
"If I'd wanted to kill [the victims], I'd have done it while they were sleeping," he told the judge at the People's Court of Hanoi.
After stealing two mobile phones, Ky was about to escape when Chinh woke up and saw him.
Chinh shouted for help, and with his father tried to overpower the burglar.
However, Ky stabbed Chinh in the stomach, and Chuan in the head. As Chuan tried to wrestle him, Ky continued to stab him multiple times before fleeing.
He was arrested two days later.

In his last words at the trial, Ky expressed remorse and apologized to the victims' family.

According to Ky's lawyer Nguyen Anh Thom, he has requested to donate his body to medical science.

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