Man of armed gang jailed for murder in Hanoi

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One of the last two suspects in a brief but serious gun fight that left one dead and another injured in Hanoi in 2011 has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. 
The trial of Duong Ngoc Quynh, 29, took place in Hanoi on Monday, more than two years after another 12 people involved in the case were already sentenced, local media reported. 
The wanted man managed to evade local police for a while.
He was arrested in March last year by police in the northern province of Lang Son when he was attempting to transport 1,000 tablets of synthetic drugs. 
Quynh now faces a total jail term of 30 years, on murder and drug charges, local media reported. 
Police is still searching for the final suspect. 
Monday's trial has reopened discussion of the four-year-old case in local media. 
According to prosecutors, on April 29, 2011, Quynh together with Luu Quang Duc, 27, and others used guns and knives to assault Nguyen Thi Lien, 20, and her friends, who were on a taxi.
Lien was shot to death, while the taxi driver was injured.
Prosecutors said previously Lien borrowed VND10 million (US$460) from Duc, promising to repay the money one week later.
When she failed to do so, Duc and his friend came to her house, demanding payment.

Duong Ngoc Quynh, 29, jailed for 20 years at a trial in Hanoi on January 19 for joining a shooting that left one woman dead and one man injured on April 29, 2011. Photo credit: VnExpress
Lien’s boyfriend Nguyen Quang Anh, 38, sent a text message with threats to them, and after an argument over the phone, the two parties agreed to meet the next day.
That day Lien together with her boyfriend and some friends were on a taxi.
Duc and his gang spotted them and chased after them on motorbikes. 
Both the gangs were armed, according to prosecutors.
At a trial in September 2012, the Hanoi People’s Court handed one death penalty, two life sentences, and jail terms up to 20 years to 12 people, including Duc and Anh.

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