Man murders, robs girlfriend after having sex

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Ha Nam police have arrested a 20-year-old man accused of murdering and robbing his girlfriend after having sex at a local hotel.

Twenty-year-old Tran Van Son from the province's Binh Luc District admitted to the crime when he was arrested by police on August 9, An Ninh Thu Do reported.

The case was first detected when workers at a construction site in Binh Luc saw the decomposed hand of a woman half buried in a sand dune on August 7.

They reported the finding to local police who later found that it was actually the body of a naked woman buried around three or four days earlier. They also found her clothes and slippers when inspecting the sand nearby.

Investigators informed nearby provinces, guest houses and massage parlors to identify the victim.

On August 8, they were informed that Lo Thi Lan, an employee at a souvenir stall on Nam Dinh Province's Thinh Long beach was missing. Her co-workers said that on August 4, Lan asked for a day off and they could not call her the next morning.

The stall owner said she borrowed nearly VND5 million form him and said she would meet her boyfriend in Ha Nam.

Subsequent investigations found that Lan had contacted Son and his house was not far from the crime scene.

A raid of his house found a chain, mp3 player and cell phone believed to belong to Lan and Son confessed to the crime.

He said he first met Lan in early July when he visited Thinh Long beach and they had been contacting each other ever since.

On August 3, Lan told Son she would visit him. Son said after having sex at a hotel in Ha Nam, he began to think about robbing her because she had several gold rings and a chain and other valuable belongings.

At around 9 p.m. Son took Lan out for dinner and then took her to  National Highway 21B where he told her to sit on the roadside to talk.

Instead, he took a knife from his motorbike and stabbed her to death before taking off her clothes and slippers, burying them and her body in the nearby sand dunes. He said he threw the knife into a nearby pond.

He returned to the hotel to take the victim's property before paying for the room and returning home.

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