Man loses testicles in Vietnam bus accident

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A man's testicles were severed in a gruesome accident in Ho Chi Minh City last Sunday when he was hit and dragged along by a bus, Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper reported.

T.P.Y., 25, a local resident, was riding a motorbike in Binh Tan District when a speeding bus hit his vehicle and knocked him off, he recalled.

He was then dragged along by the bus.

"It was extremely painful and I passed out," he said.

According to witnesses, his testicles got cut and fell on the road. A kind soul picked them up and put them in a plastic bag.

Y. was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries.

Dr Duong Quang Vu of Cho Ray Hospital said Y. also had the skin of his scrotum ripped off, his urethra cut, and penis injured.

Doctors managed to the reattach the urethra and used skin from the scrotum on his damaged penis.

Vu said it is virtually impossible to reattach severed testicles because the tissues remain alive only for five minutes after they are severed.

"If the penis does not heal ... we have to perform a surgery to enable him to urinate again."

He is otherwise in stable condition.

According to Y.'s family, he is not aware of the loss of his testicles since they and the doctors do not want to inform him yet.

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