Man hospitalized, wife killed by suspected coal smoke

TN News

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A woman was killed and her husband hospitalized Tuesday in central Vietnam after sleeping in a closed room warmed by burning coal.

Nguyen Van Binh, 35, and his wife Tran Thi Tam, 33, were found by their son, who was sleeping in another room in Ha Tinh Province, news website Dan Tri reported.

The child was crying, which caused neighbors to rush in and take the man to hospital.


Three Vietnamese killed as smoke from coal fills house

Police said there is a high chance that the couple were suffocated by smoke from the burnt coal in the closed room.

Tam was the fourth victim killed in the two burning coal accidents in Ha Tinh that over the past three days. In the previous incident, a couple and their mother died, while their 3-day-old baby survived.

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