Man high on drugs survives after jumping from top of 40-meter-high pagoda

By Dang Hanh, TN News

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 A man climbs to the top of a pagoda which is 40 meters high in Hanoi. Photo credit: Thethao247
A man, who was allegedly high on drugs, safely landed on a rescue air cushion from the top of a 11-story tower at a pagoda in Hanoi on Tuesday.
The man, whose name has not been released, suddenly jumped down around noon, after six hours standing on top of the Cot Pagoda, which is 40 meters high.
Witnesses say he used his belt to destroy parts of the roof. 
“He even climbed onto a Buddha statue and wrapped his body around the statue,” said a witness. 
Two fire trucks and around a dozen of rescue workers were mobilized to the scene after that. 
After hours, he jumped down to the cushion and attempted to flee the scene right after that.
Rescuers caught him and escorted him to a police station for further investigation.
 He puts his belt around the neck of a Buddha statue.
 The man jumps down...

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