Man gets death sentence for killing creditor

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Ho Chi Minh City People's Court Friday sentenced a city resident to death for killing his creditor and her cousin last December to evade a debt of VND600 million (US$33,680).

At an outdoor public sentencing in the grounds at a Binh Thanh District cultural center, Chau Hung Son, 49, received the death penalty for murder and five years in prison for robbery.

His family was ordered to compensate the families of the two victims Vo Thi Hoa and her cousin Tran Quyet Thang a total of VND190 million ($10,665) and provide Hoa's three children VND500,000 a month each until they're 18.

The three men who helped Son abduct the victims, Nguyen Xuan Cong, Doan Van Hai, both 20 years old, and Thach Dien Long, 21, received two- to four-year jail terms.

According to the indictment, Son borrowed VND300 million from Hoa in January 2007 at a monthly 6 percent rate. So he owed her VND600 million as of last December.

On December 7, Hoa came to collect the money but Son couldn't pay and decided to kidnap her to scare her, according to the court.

He met Cong, Hai and Long a week later, telling them that he wanted them to help him arrest Hoa for the police as Hoa was trying to evade a debt to him. He promised to pay the three VND3 million.

Son told the three to hide in his house and then called Hoa to come and get the money. When Hoa and her cousin Thang came to Son's house in No Trang Long Street, Binh Thanh District, they were tied and gagged.

After the three accomplices left, Son electrocuted Hoa and Thang, took their mobile phones, and put the bodies into two cardboard boxes before hiring a truck to carry them to dump at Lai Thieu Cemetery in the neighboring Binh Duong Province.

Son said he killed Hoa without thinking carefully and that he had considered releasing Thang but feared he would talk to police.

The truck driver Nguyen Van Loc, his assistant Lam Quang Thuan and some construction workers nearby thought they were loading some frozen food.

Loc contacted the police after reading news about locals finding two bodies at the cemetery.

Son and the accomplices were arrested two days later.

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