Man gets death penalty for killing four

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A man in the northern province of Phu Tho was sentenced to death Monday for killing four people in June.

Nguyen Cong Dung, 45, was accused of "murder", "abusing trust to appropriate others' property", and "destroying others' property" under the Penal Code.

According to the indictment, Dung had an argument with the late Nguyen Cong Chinh over how to divide the assets they both stole in 1985. He also did not get on with Chinh's wife. On the night of June 23, he showed up at their house with a knife and killed both of them. 

That same night, Dung visited his neighbour, Cao Thi Thom, stabbed her twice and cut her throat. He believed Thom had made his fence collapse and had offered no compensation, investigators said.

Thom's 15-year-old son Ngo Van Thinh rushed out of the house calling for help only to also be stabbed by Dung.

Dung then went back to Chinh's house to burn it down.

He was arrested the next night.

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