Man gets death for murdering child, raping another

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Dang Tran Hoai, 26, collapses after hearing the judge pronounce his death sentence for killing a four-year-old girl and raping her eight-year-old sister in Hanoi in July 

A Hanoi court Thursday sentenced a 26-year-old man to death for killing a four-year-old girl and raping her eight-year-old sister last July.

Despite refusing to answer questions posed by the judges, shouting, and pretending to be sick, Dang Tran Hoai was found guilty based on evidence and witnesses' testimonies, online newspaper VnExpress reported.

Prosecutors told the Hanoi's People's Court that Hoai was not mentally ill when he committed the crimes,.

On July 29, while on his way back drunk from a wedding party in Tu Liem District, Hoai had entered a house in Son Tay District to steal a shirt since his was dirty.

He then saw the two girls watching TV.

After finding out from them that their parents were out, he took the elder girl to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and raped her at knifepoint.

When the younger one cried out he stabbed her until she collapsed, and continued to rape her sister.

Their uncle, who lived nearby, rushed to the house upon hearing the girls' cries.

Hoai proceeded to slash the man in the face and neck before bolting out of the house wearing just a T-shirt.

He hid himself in a nearby garden where he got rid of the knife and took off the T-shirt to cover his genitals.

After that he rushed out on to the street, and tried to grab the motorbike from a woman who was taking the elder girl to hospital, but did not succeed.

He began to run when he spotted a car going slowly. He tried to commandeer the car when hundreds of locals who had gathered by then caught him and handed him over to the police.

The younger girl died on her way to hospital with 12 knife wounds, prosecutors said.


Her sister was hospitalized with a bleeding vagina and shock. She is still under treatment for trauma.

Prosecutors said Hoai was "fully mentally healthy" while committing the crimes, pointing to the fact he used the T-shirt to cover his genitals and tried to steal a motorbike and a car to escape.

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