Man gets cat tooth stuck in his finger

TN News

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A cat bite on a man's finger in the central province of Nghe An healed over with one of the feline's teeth still stuck in the flesh, Nghe An Newspaper reported.

The 52-year-old man named Kieu of Thanh Chuong District was biten on his finger by a cat more than one month ago.

He immediately went to doctor to wash and dress the wound. The cut then began to heal, however, his finger continued to swell up.

Upon noticing signs of infection, Kieu came to a clinic at Vinh Medical University for an X-ray several days ago.

The X-ray found a 2-centimeter-long cat tooth in his finger.

Doctors then performed surgery to remove the tooth.

They said the wound would have gotten infected, leading to gangrene of the finger, if the surgery had not been conducted in time.

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