Man gets 4.5 years in jail for brutalizing daughter

TN News

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A man in Hanoi was sentenced to four and a half years in jail Thursday for treating his daughter brutally, including breaking her teeth and regularly chaining her.

The Hanoi appeal court upheld the verdict from the first instance trial on Nguyen Huu Thuyen, 41, ruling him guilty of abusing and deliberately causing injuries to his daughter Nguyen Thi Thuy, now 13.

Thuyen admitted using pliers to break her front teeth and putting pieces of rubber into her ears that damaged her eardrums in 2007, news website Dan Tri reported.

One piece was only removed last June when the police took Thuy to hospital.

Between May and June last year, Thuyen also used a chain around 1.1 meters long to tie the daughter to the bed to keep her from going around.

Hanoi Forensic Test Center said last September that besides the ears and teeth, the girl also suffered deformity to her arms.

Thuyen, who once served a sentence for abusing another person in a robbery case, said he wanted to punish the girl for being naughty.

The mother Nguyen Thi Mien usually works away from home. Mien said in a Tien Phong report she was not home in all the cases that her daughter was badly treated.

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