Man faces death for beheading ex-girlfriend

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Hanoi prosecutors have charged a 26- year-old man with beheading and robbing his ex-girlfriend.

According to the indictment handed down by the Hanoi People's Procuracy, the municipal prosecutors' office, Nguyen Duc Nghia has admitted to killing Le Phuong Linh, 26, in a jealous rage and looting her belongings. He faces the possibility of execution for his crimes.

According to the indictment, Nghia started a romantic relationship with Linh in 2006. They broke up in 2007.

On May 4 of this year, Nghia asked Linh to meet him on the 11th floor of the G4 building in Cau Giay District. She accepted.

The apartment belonged to the man's new girlfriend, Hoang Thi Yen, who was out of town.

After Nghia and Linh made love, her mobile phone rang.

He told police, her new boyfriend called.

Nghia stabbed Linh to death in Yen's apartment. He was jealous of this other man, he told police. Investigators have said there is no evidence to support Nghia's jealousy claims. To cover his crimes, Nghia cut off Linh's head and fingers. Prosecutors say he wrapped her torso in a blanket and stashed it on the roof of Yen's building.

He then set about scattering Linh's identifying body parts.

After the murder, Nghia used Linh's mobile SIM card to text her younger brother and office manager. He told them that Linh would be leaving town for a couple of days due to an emergency.

After covering his tracks, prosecutors say that Nghis looted his victim's belongings. According to the indictment, he stole Linh's motorbike, laptop and mobile phone.

One day after police found the victim's naked rotting body, they tracked Nghia to the northern province of Thai Nguyen. He was taken into custody on May 22.

Hanoi prosecutors have alleged that Nghia told Yen about the murder on the same day that the body was found. Yen, 24, has been charged with harboring a criminal.

Yen could face between three months and three years in jail if convicted. The charge also carries the possibility of a three-month probation.

A hearing by the Hanoi People's Court was scheduled for this month.

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