Man detained for legalizing robbed bikes

TN News

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A man was detained in the southernmost province of Ca Mau Saturday pending investigations into a "legalizing" service he allegedly provided for stolen motorbikes.

Police raided 41-year-old Tran Thanh Hung's factory on Wednesday and found a number of equipments used to provide the service.

The factory was disguised as metal scrap processing facility.

More than 50 motorbike frames and many vehicle accessories were found at the factory, together with equipment used to change the registration numbers of the motorbike frames and engines.

Hung confessed he has made changes to dozens of robbed motorbikes and turned them into legal asset for the robbers.

On July 27, police in Bac Lieu Province neighboring Ca Mau also detained a motorbike mechanic named Tieu Anh Rel for supporting a ring of motorbike thieves by legalizing the stolen vehicles, the Tien Phong said.

Four other members of the ring, which operated around the Mekong  Delta provinces, have been arrested, while police are looking for one more.

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