Man cuts off hospitalized sister's leg

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Tran Thi Dung at Saint Paul Hospital after her brother allegedly cut of her leg December 2. Photo by Nam Anh

Police in Hanoi have arrested a man for allegedly cutting his hospitalized sister's leg off.

Ba Dinh District police said Tran Thanh Duy used a fruit knife near the sickbed of his sister Tran Thi Dung to cut off her leg while Dung's daughter Hang held her mother down during a seizure.

Hang, 24, screamed for the guards at Saint Paul General Hospital, but the leg was already severed and doctors said there was little chance it could be reconnected to her body.

Dung, 47, is staying at the hospital for brain tumor treatment and was given a blood transfusion after the attack.

Duy is a known drug addict and had used meth before the attack, police said.

A caregiver at the hospital earlier described Hang and Duy as colluding in the attack. Many have said the pair may have been inspired by the superstitious belief that they could free her from a ghost this way.

The hospital director Nguyen Pham Y Nhi refused to comment on the incident and the hospital has closed its doors to reporters.

A source from the Hanoi Health Department said city authorities had nothing to do with the matter because it falls totally under the hospital's purview.

The department  demanded in late December that hospitals to install cameras from this year for monitoring.

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