Man caught on camera killing gold shop owner in northern Vietnam

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Police in Hanoi say they are tracking down a man who slit a gold shop owner's throat in front of a security camera on Thursday.

According to police, the camera at the Vung Bac shop in Thuong Tin District recorded the entire murder and robbery, in which Nguyen Thi Kim Bac, 55, died after her throat was slit and she was stabbed several times.

They said the footage showed that at around 4.43 p.m. that day, a man who looked between the ages of 25 and 28  entered the shop as if he were going to buy or sell gold.

He then gave Bac a ring to weigh before grabbing her neck and cutting it with a knife.

She managed to escape the initial attack but the man chased after her and then stabbed her to death, police said.

After dragging her body behind a counter, the man tried to break the shop's glass cases to take the gold.

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However, he didn't succeed and ended up leaving about eight minutes later with nothing except a necklace taken from Bac, according to police.

A report on the newswire VnExpress Saturday quoted an unnamed Hanoi police official as saying that they had collected fingerprints thought to be those of the suspect. The prints were gathered from a glove and ring the accused allegedly left behind. 

Confidential sources said that the suspect headed to the northern province of Ha Nam after the murder.

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