Man beats female teacher for not protecting his nephew from fighting

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Authorities in the central province of Phu Yen said Thursday they were investigating a man accused of viciously beating a female teacher as blaming her for his nephew's fighting at school.

Nguyen Thi Han, from Hoa Quang 2 Primary School, was punched in the face several times by Le Hoang Nguyen, the uncle of fourth-grader Truong Huyen Chuong, at the school's main office in front of the principle and other school leaders, Tuoi Tre reported.

She was talking with the uncle on Monday after the boys teeth had been damaged in a fight with a first grader during a break on September 27.

The boy's mother Le Trinh Thuc Quyen, a teacher at a nearby secondary school, had brought her brother Nguyen to the school for the discussion.

Quyen said she did not mean Han any harm and that she just felt sad for her boy and wanted the matter to be clarified.

"I did not expect my brother would beat the teacher."

But now Han's face has been severely injured and she is in a great deal of pain and suffering.

"After 24 years being a teacher, now I'm humiliated," Han said.

The teacher had once received a medal for her devotion to education.

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