Man arrested for killing two in daylight robbery

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Ho Chi Bao, 25, at a police station in Quang Tri province on  Friday. Photo: Nguyen Phuc. Ho Chi Bao, 25, at a police station in Quang Tri province on Friday. Photo: Nguyen Phuc.


Police on Friday arrested a man alleged of killing two people and injure another in a home robbery in central Vietnam.
Ho Chi Bao, 25, was arrested three hours after the robbery when he had his arm wound attended at a hospital in Quang Tri Province.
He will be detained for four months for the investigation into charges of murder and robbery, the police said.
Bao allegedly broke into the house of Ho Thi Ty, 35, at 3 p.m. Friday. Ty, her husband's father Nguyen Van Sat, 94, and her 2-year-old daughter were at home.
Bao told the police that when he was searching Ty's bedroom for money, he was caught by Ty and Sat.
He stabbed them to death with a knife he had brought along. He sustained a deep cut in his arm during the struggle.
When Nguyen Thi Thuan, who worked as Ty's accountant, heard the noise in the house and came checking, Bao stabbed Thuan but missed and only injured her.
Thuan said Bao pulled her into Ty's bedroom where she saw Ty and Sat lying dead and Ty's daughter was crying.
She said she held the toddler and asked Bao to spare their lives.
As Bao was busy taking the cash and jewelries in the bedroom, Thuan ran, with the girl in her arms, to the bathroom where she locked themselves in and called for help on her cellphone.
Bao fled the house, hid the cash and jewelries and threw away the knife.
Later, he asked his girlfriend to take him to Huong Hoa District General Hospital, not far from the crime scene, to treat his wound.
Doctors here suspected that he was involved in the robbery, and informed the police.
Bao told the police he planned the robbery because he needed money to find a job.
The police recovered two golden necklaces, a golden ring and VND 26 million (US$1,250) in cash.

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