Man arrested for driving 30km with cop on hood

Thanh Nien News

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Tran Duc Vuong, 36, and his car. Photo credit: VnExpress 
The Ninh Binh town police said Thursday they are filing criminal charges against a 36-year-old man for driving 30km with a police officer clinging to his car hood last week.
Details remain sketchy but police said they found Tran Duc Vuong's vehicle parked illegally on a local street on January 24.
Two of them, Senior Lieutenant Dinh Tien Dung and Lieutenant Hoang Cao Linh asked him for the car’s registration and driving license.
Vuong hesitantly handed over the papers but suddenly snatched them back, jumped onto the car and drove away.
Linh, who tried to stop him, was left clinging to the windscreen wiper.
Vuong led the other officers on a chase around town, and only stopped after speeding for around 30km.
Linh escaped with minor injuries.

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