Man arrested for attacking cops, grabbing guns in Vietnam

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Nguyen Thanh Tuan after being arrested on Tuesday. Photo credit: Uong Bi Town's Police Department Nguyen Thanh Tuan after being arrested on Tuesday. Photo credit: Uong Bi Town's Police Department
Police in the northern province of Quang Ninh arrested a man who stormed into a local police station, on Tuesday, attacked officers and stole two service pistols.
The man was identified as Nguyen Thanh Tuan, 36, a resident in Quang Ninh’s Uong Bi Town, police said in a release.
Tuan reportedly arrived at the headquarters of Uong Bi Town’s Police Department at 6:30 a.m. and asked to meet with Trinh Tien Manh, the deputy police chief.
An officer told him to wait at which point Tuan continued to ask to meet with the team of police investigators in charge of social order.
A meeting was arranged with Major Dam Quang Toan who heads the team.
Police claim that Tuan suddenly drew a butcher knife and attempted to kill Toan and another officer.
The two officers reportedly dodged his attacks before other officers rushed in and tried to subdue Tuan.
Tuan used the knife to attack every officer who approached him.
An officer fired a shot in the air and began to approach Tuan, who slashed the officer on the arm.
As two other officers persuaded him to drop the knife, Tuan lashed out at them with his knife, but they managed to evade the attack.
During the ensuing struggle, the two officers dropped their pistols.
Tuan reportedly grabbed the guns and ran out into the street, screaming and holding two guns in his two hands like a cowboy, threatening passers-by.
When the police officers gave chase, Tuan reportedly attempted to shoot at them. A jam prevented the weapons from firing.
Tuan was apprehended by police around 15 minutes later, when the officers recovered the guns.
Some eyewitnesses said Tuan looked as though he were high on crystal meth (methamphetamine).
Uong Bi Town police said they are still investigating.

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