Man arrested, 6 months after burning wife with gasoline

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Nguyen Van Thanh and Nguyen Thuy Dung in their wedding photo. Nguyen Van Thanh and Nguyen Thuy Dung in their wedding photo.


Police in Hanoi on Wednesday arrested a man who allegedly burnt his wife with gasoline during an argument over their divorce in February.
Nguyen Van Thanh, 25, will be detained for four months for an investigation into the charge of murder, the police of Quoc Oai Dist. said.
The police claimed they had not been aware of the domestic attack because the victim, Nguyen Thuy Dung, had not reported it.
The case came to light last month after local media reported the physical and mental pain and hardship that Dung, 22, has had to endure since the attack.
Dung has suffered from severe burns. Her face is so disfigured that her children run away in fear when they see her, and her hands deformed she cannot take care of herself anymore, the reports said.
Nguyen Thuy Dung in a photo taken in Jully by Zing news website.
Before the attack, Thanh and Dung had been married for six years with two children. However, Dung said Thanh had squandered all their money on his leisure activities and beaten her many times.
When she had enough, Dung took the children back to her parents'.
On Feb. 2, Dung and her mother met Thanh to discuss their divorce. After an argument, Thanh doused Dung with gasoline and set her on fire. 
According to initial police report, Thanh claimed he set his wife on fire out of "desperation" after failing to convince her to return.
After the media reports on the attack and following a request by the health minister, the Hanoi-based National Institute of Burns has agreed to perform reconstructive surgeries on Dung's hands and face.
Dung was quoted by Zing news as saying that she hopes to "get back part of my original face so that my children can recognize their mom."

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