MAG clears 100,000 items of UXO in central Vietnam

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Mines Advisory Group achieved a significant milestone in Vietnam last month, removing and destroying its 100,000th item of unexploded ordnance in Quang Tri Province.

MAG started its Humanitarian Demining program in Quang Tri in 1999 and has had a continued presence and commitment to removing explosive remnants war from a conflict dating back nearly 40 years.

In addition to the 100,000 items of UXO, MAG has also removed 2,494 landmines.

Quang Tri is reported to be the province most heavily contaminated by unexploded ordnance.

Historical bombardment records reflect that each square meter of land in Quang Tri received 63kg of ordnance from both aerial and naval attack.

As a result of MAG's work in Quang Tri, hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from being able to use land that is no longer contaminated with deadly explosive remnants of war.

One such example is in the commune of Hai Thai, where MAG's clearance operations facilitated the development of a new primary school, providing education opportunities for more than 300 students.


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MAG Vietnam's Country Director Hannah Bryce said the removal of 100,000 items of UXO from Quang Tri is "a proud day" for MAG, its partners and donors.

"As many other countries also suffer throughout the world from the devastating effects of UXO and landmine contamination, reaching this milestone is a reminder that Vietnam continues to deal with the dangerous legacy that conflict leaves behind.".

MAG is also working in neighboring Quang Binh Province, where more than 60,000 items of UXO have been removed since 2003.

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