Lovers arrested for labor export scam in southern Vietnam

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Police in Ca Mau Province have arrested a man and a woman for appropriating others' properties as part of a labor export scam.

Initial investigations found that early last December, Ca Mau Province residents Duong Thi Niem, 35, and her lover Tran Hoang Tuan, 31, charged 11 victims VND1.7 million (US$81) each, promising to help bring them to Japan to work as salesclerks at a big supermarket owned by one of Niem's relatives. 

Niem told victims they would earn $6,000 per month working for the supermarket.

Niem deceived them into believing that her relative would cover the costs of their accommodation and plane tickets, adding that each would receive VND10 million in advance to buy clothes, and that another VND60 million would be sent to each of their families before they left Vietnam.

Each of them was told they would be asked to return $2,500 per month from their salary when working in Japan, investigators found.

Six people asked Niem to spare them the passport procurement fees since they had them already, but she refused.

Niem insisted they pay the VND1.7 million like everyone else, in order for her to correct some "inappropriate details" contained in their passports.

The victims became suspicious they had been conned and reported to the police after Niem and Tuan delayed their departure date several times.

Niem was also wanted in Tran Van Thoi District for allegedly committing a robbery two years ago.

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