Love is in the air

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 Nguyen Phuong Anh, 31, and Dang Tien Cuong, 34, are co-pilots for private carrier Vietjet. They knew each other ten years ago when they started as flight attendants.
 Cuong from the northern province of Phu Tho graduated with an IT degree but he chose a different career path and became a flight attendant. He worked in the same crew with Anh, a Saigonese.
Cuong said he was immediately struck by Anh’s "lightning smiles." They fell in love after working with each other for some time. “She is a special girl. She is sweet and gentle, but she can also be very strong and determined.” 
Anh said she did not feel anything special about Cuong at first, but his love and care moved her. 
After five years, they broke up after having serious thoughts about their relationship. “We both understand the difficulties of the job. I told him I did not want to marry someone working the same job, and he had the same concern,” Anh said. 
Cuong tried to move on and attended a pilot training program in the US in 2011. He sold a house for more than VND1 billion to pay for the study. 
Anh went to the US a year later for another pilot course in cooperation between carriers. She received more training in France and became the first female pilot at her airline. 
 Cuong and Anh remained good friends after the break-up. They still called to support each other once in a while. Before Cuong returned to Vietnam after finishing his course, he flew from Floria to Tennessee to visit Anh and they rented a small aircraft to fly to different places in the US.
Coming home, Anh continued to work for Vietjet, as a co-pilot, and Anh for a different carrier. In 2014, he moved to work in the same place with her. 
 They dated again in mid-2015. “He said there’s no one good for him, and suggested that we start over. I considered a lot, and I decided that he was the one understanding me and I decided to spend my life with him.”
They will have a wedding party on March 12, the day they first met ten years ago. They shot the beautiful wedding photos at an airport. They said the carrier has been supportive with flight schedules to give them more time for each other, and for their future family. 

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