Loreto grants scholarships to 123 school children

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The Loreto Vietnam-Australia Program (LVAP) on Wednesday provided scholarships of VND500,000 each to 122 children of the Vo Van Thang Primary School in Ho Chi Minh City's suburban district of Hoc Mon.

The scholarships are a biannual award that the International Non-governmental Organization provides to the school whose students are largely from hard-up families.

LVAP also gave a scholarship to a schoolgirl who is now a 12th grader at High School. The INGO has provided her with a scholarship every year since she was at the primary school because her family is very poor.

LVAP CEO Trish Franklin told first graders: "There are only about six weeks to go in this school year. The Loreto Program hopes you will try very hard to get good marks to become second graders next year."

A 3rd grader said, "This is the third time I've received a scholarship from the Loreto Program. I am very happy. I will try to study hard to become a doctor when I grow up."

Her grandma said, "This is not a big amount of money but it can help a lot. It is very meaningful and encouraging."

A woman teacher who has been teaching at the school since 1989 said, "This scholarship is very very significant for the kids and their families. Most of them are very poor."

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