Loggers detained for attacking forest wardens for revenge

TN News

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Police in the Central Highlands' Lam Dong Province on Sunday detained two people for allegedly attacking two local forest wardens in an act of revenge earlier this month.


Le Phuong Lam and Tran Dinh Linh, both 19, had attacked forest wardens Pham Van Hung and Nguyen Tien Hung from a local forestation company with knives, causing severe injuries, police said.


Officials from the company said that the wardens had caught a group of loggers including Lam and Linh felling trees illegally in early August.


Some people had called the company offering money for their ploughing machine seized by the wardens, but they were refused.


Linh and Lam told the police that a person named Vinh also helped them in the attack.


Police are investigating the case further.


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