Locals demands for central Vietnam gold mine shutdown

TN News

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Residents in the central Vietnamese province of Binh Dinh have demanded that a local gold mining company stop operation after heavy rains brought rocks from the mining site to their farmland last week.


They said they are worried that the chemicals used in the mining would also be absorbed into the ground and water, affecting their health.


Duc Nghia Company in November of 2010 received approval to excavate gold on 11.4 hectare area over a nine year period.


Pham Van Khuong, a local man, said the gold mine is located less than two kilometers and at a higher ground from the residential area, where around 200 people are living.


There's a stream flowing directly from the mining area to locals' rice fields, the locals added.


In a similar circumstance, Tan Phat Company in the Central Highlands' Kon Tum Province is making use of a two-year permit to detect gold in the area and conducting illegal gold mining, chopping down forest trees.


The province government has asked that company to remove all the equipment it installed for gold mining, however no action has been taken in this case.

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