Local NGO launches tiger protection website

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The country's first NGO focusing on conservation is opening a website dedicated to tiger conservation.


On http://www.thiennhien.org/BVH, Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV) provides information on tiger protection in addition to educational videos, images and games.


According to ENV, the most important thing about protecting tigers is the conservatoin of habitat and the enforcement of existing laws that target poaching.


Raising awareness about tiger protection and eliminating holistic products derived from tigers are also important steps.


Statistics from environmentalists showed that Vietnam is now home to around 30 tigers living in national parks and reserves in the central region.


The global tiger population has dropped for the past 15 years due to poaching motivated by medicinal demand for the animal's skin and bones.


The International Tiger Coalition estimates that there're only around 3,500 tigers living in the wild, worldwide.


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