Local leaders rapped over child-mistreatment at illegal nursery

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Authorities in the southern province of Binh Duong have asked that leaders of a local commune are censured for lax management in allowing an unlicensed private nursery to operate despite warnings and fines.


The provincial People's Committee's move follows the public release last month of a clip showing Tran Thi Phung, owner of the nursery, mistreat three-year-old Ho Thi Thuy Ngan while bathing her, VnExpress reported Friday.


Prior to the exposure, the Thuan Giao Commune's People's Committee had warned and fined Phung's nursery many times, but since they were not very strict, the 52-year-old woman continued to run her illegal business.


Following the order from provincial authorities, the People's Committee of Thuan An District, which manages the commune, has said it will censure the commune's leadership.


According to Thuan An District officials, about 100 unlicensed private nurseries and kindergartens are operating in the district, but these are still not enough to meet the demand of some 300,000 workers who have emigrated here from other localities.


Phung has been detained for two months for further investigation after her arrest on November 24, one day after the clip was posted on YouTube.


The footage, which sparked public outrage, shows Phung gripping Ngan's hair, splashing water over her face, stamping her, pinning her down to the floor and shouting at her while bathing her.

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