Local group launches new project to help Vietnam's disabled

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Doi Rat Dep (Life is beautiful), a community organization dedicated to helping the disabled, will launch its "Improving the ability for disabled youth" project on February 23 in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Doi Rat Dep (DRD) project, to be held at the Guest House at 165 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, aims to help the disabled assimilate into society by expanding their career opportunities.

The project, co-organized by DRD (Disability Resource and Development) and The Atlantic Philanthropies, has three aims: helping young disabled Vietnamese qualify for social programs; enhancing public awareness of disabilities; and promoting the management capacity of local organizations to help disabled persons.


The project will receive assistance from a group of mentors and consultants who are well-informed of the issues facing local disabled people and who have participated in many related projects.

To learn more information about the project, email Ms. Manh Ky  (manhky@drdvietnam.com) or call her (0908 834 643).

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