Local forces look for tigers after sighting claims in southern Vietnam

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Authorities in the southern province of Dong Nai on Monday ordered soldiers and forest wardens to search for two tigers that locals claimed to have seen in a cashew garden.

Vu Thi Minh Chau, vice chairwoman of the Trang Bom district People's Committee, asked local forces to search for the animals, prepare to deal with them and help local residents defend themselves.

Residents of Quang Tien Commune in the district said they saw two tigers entering the cashew garden of local resident Nguyen Thanh Binh on Friday night. The tigers were apparently spotted in the beam of flashlights.

Local army soldiers said later that they'd found what looked like tiger in the area.

Residents suspect that the tigers had escaped when being brought to a tourism spot in Trang Bom.

But Ho Vinh, Trang Bom forest warden, said that Dong Nai Province had not regisered custody of any tiger by private parties.

Vinh said local officials have also checked the place, which was not named, "and the managers had sworn that the firm was not involved in transporting or keeping custody of tigers.

He said local forces have prepared anesthetic shots in case the tigers reappear.

The district area has a lot of jungle around and local residents have been asked to stay indoors at night.

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