Limbless Soc Trang girl lives life to fullest

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A girl in the Mekong Delta’s impoverished Soc Trang Province was born without arms or legs, but she hasn't let her disability slow her down.

Tran Thi Hieu Thao, 4, lives with her maternal grandmother Ly Thi Cho, 59, in Son Ton Hamlet, An Thanh Nhi Commune, Cu Lao Dong District, Soc Trang Province. Her father died in a traffic accident when she was 10 months old and her mother has spent most of her life since working in factories in Binh Duong Province.

Thao's mother Tran Thi Nhan, 28, met her father, Vu in Nha Trang, six years ago while she was working in Binh Duong. The grandmother said Thao was born of love, not luck.

Many people have advised her family to put Thao into an orphanage because caring for such a girl will prove hard work. Cho says she'll never do that.

Thao's legs end at above the knees. Cho gets around by slipping her thighs into adult's slippers.

Thao spoon-feeds herself.

Thao looks at photos on a cell phone.

She uses her upper lip to manipulate the screen.

She also loves painting, holding the pen between her lips and one of her arms.

Thao bathes herself.

She only has to lie down the basin if she wants to wash her hair.

Thao rubs her cheek.

Thao helps her grandmother sweep their dirt floor.

Cho and Thao outside their thatched home. Cho carries her granddaughter to a nursery school every morning and takes her home in the afternoon.

Thao with her 4-year-old cousin -- the son of Cho's other daughter Tran Thi Thuy An. An's husband died last year after suffering a stroke at work in Ho Chi Minh City where she has remained to earn extra money.

               Photo credit: Zing News

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