Life in Hanoi outskirts through the eyes of a native

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A 29-year-old captures daily beats of his hometown Ha Tay, once a province and now a Hanoi's outlying district


 Rice threshing on a road in Ha Tay. Nguyen Dinh Thanh, 29, took a series of photos about the daily life in Ha Tay in summer 2015. He has won several photography awards from local tourism magazines.
 A woman rides through her paddy field. Ha Tay was a province of nearly 2,200 square kilometers until it was merged into Hanoi in 2008.
A peaceful road under giant canopy.
 Catching fish
 A man with his buffalo on a paddy field which has been burned after harvest. Ashes from the rice straw would function as fertilizer to keep the soil rich for the next crop.
 A woman piles up her rice after harvest.
 Harvested rice is taken home on a shoulder pole.
 Or on a wagon.
A farmer walk the cow home during sunset.
 Two farmers come home from their fields at the end of the day.
 Two boys enjoy their small catch of fish.
 Thanh said many of his photos are to resurrect his childhood.
Boys share a book while grazing their cattle.
Giving each other a shower.

Photo courtesy of Tuoi Tre

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