Korean man assaults Vietnamese wife in HCMC

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A Vietnamese woman was assaulted and almost killed by her South Korean husband in Ho Chi Minh City , Tuoi Tre newspaper reported following a reader's tip-off on Tuesday.


The woman from the Mekong Delta's Ca Mau Province, only identified as N.T.N.M., is being treated at the Saigon General Hospital with bruises, scratches and bites on her face, neck and arms.


Her husband, whose name was just revealed as K.K.Y., had called her to a hotel on Thai Van Lung Street, District 1 on Saturday last week to take care of their little child, only to insult and beat her heavily, said the 26-year-old wife.


On Sunday night, the man grasped her hair and banged her head against the wall, while biting her and strangling her, she said.


"He continuously insulted and beat me from 8 p.m. (on Sunday) to 3 a.m. (on Monday). When he was strangling me, I managed to grab an ashtray to hit him on his face and ran out of the hotel.


"I collapsed on the way and was taken to the hospital," M. said.


The woman said she had agreed to marry Y. after their first meeting arranged by a marriage broker in 2007.


Then they went to live in Korea until May last year, when they returned to the Mekong Delta's Can Tho and live with M.'s father.


But a week ago, the husband threw the father-in-law out of the house, locking M. and their son, little more than two years old, indoors.


M. attempted to escape with the son but her husband managed to take him back, and they only met again when he asked her to come to the hotel to take care of the little one.


Doctor Phan Van Thao of the Saigon General Hospital said M. had suffered multiple injuries and was still in panic.


The city police have contacted South Korean Consulate in HCMC about the case.


Over the last two decades, poverty has driven thousands of women from poor families, especially the Mekong Delta, to marry older men from South Korea and Taiwan.


Most of these marriages are conducted by illegal brokerage firms, which let couples know little about each other.


Statistics from the South Korean Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City show that around 27,500 Vietnamese women had been granted marriage visas by 2008 and around 8,000 such visas were granted in 2009 alone.


This means around 35,500 Vietnamese women had migrated to South Korea after marriage by the end of 2009.


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