Korean beggar to be expelled from Vietnam after assaulting benefactor

TN News

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A South Korean national who was found begging in the central city of Da Nang and later assaulted a compatriot and benefactor, will soon be expelled from Vietnam, police in said Wednesday.

Kim Hyo Joong, 38, will be deported for "causing public disorder."

On July 8 Kim was begging in Hoa Khanh Market when he turned furious and yelled at some fruit traders for refusing to give him money.

The market's security guards informed the local police who seized and handed him over to immigration officials.

Kim said he entered Vietnam on July 4 through Lao Bao Border Gate in the north-central province of Quang Tri.

He did not have any money and could not speak Vietnamese, so he began to beg, he said.

The officials contacted some South Korean nationals living in Da Nang for help, and a man named Lee Kyoung Cheol, 56, promised to provide accommodation and buy an air ticket for Kim to return home.

But when he took Kim to a restaurant for dinner, the latter smashed a beer bottle on his head.

Lee is in hospital.

According to the police, Kim resisted arrest and caused disorder at the police station.

Immigration officials and the South Korean embassy in Hanoi have completed procedures to deport Joong.

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