Knives, gun seized before Hanoi gang fight

TN News

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Hanoi police early Tuesday arrested a man before he and two others got involved in a fight with many knives and bullets they'd brought along, local media said Wednesday.


The police seized 11 knives and swords, two darts and a gun 1.2 meters long with nine bullets.


Vuong Thanh Tung, 20, said at the police station that he got the weapons from two strangers to help solve the conflict with another group in Hanoi.


Tung said he had received a phone call from a friend early Monday night asking for help and arranging for him to get the weapons. He asked two others to join, but these men managed to escape when the police arrived.


The man said the friend who called him also asked for more than ten others to come to the fighting spot but the other group didn't show up.


All the weapons have been handed over to Tu Liem District police for further investigation.


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