Kindergartener hospitalized after eating toilet cleanser

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A 3-year-old in the central province of Ha Tinh was hospitalized after swallowing a toilet cleansing agent that his kindergarten teacher forgot to put away.

On Monday, local authorities confirmed that Nguyen Tuan Thanh had eaten the toilet cleansing powder at a commune kindergarten four days earlier.

Thanh apparently ate the chemical substance while going to the bathroom. He returned to his classroom complaining of severe stomach pains. Shortly afterwards, he vomited and fainted.

His teacher, Nguyen Thi Dao, had used the powder and failed to put it away.

The boy was sent to a local medical station to have his bowels cleared but his condition didn't improve, so he had to be transferred to Hanoi.

More than a month ago, a 2-year-old girl in nearby Nghe An Province suffered burns on 35 percent of her body after falling into a pan of hot gruel. The teacher brought the pot to the classroom to ladle the gruel to each student.

The girl fell into it while playing around.

The baby requires special treatment. Doctors say it will take about six months for her to recover.

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