Joyful quadruplets bring hopes and dreams to poor Vietnamese family

Thanh Nien News

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 The girls were born in June 2012 and made national headlines as one of the very rare natural quadruplet cases in the country, and possibly the first in their hometown, the Mekong Delta’s Dong Thap Province. The surgeon performing the C-section had the honor of naming them Viet, Nam, Hanh and Phuc, which together mean “Happy Vietnam.” Photos: Truong Thanh Tung/Zing
 Tran Thi Tinh, the mother, has been staying home since the daughters were born. The family depends on meager earnings from the father who does trivial jobs. The eldest daughter, 16, has dropped out of school to work in a factory. The couple also has a 13 year-old-son who is in eighth grade.
 Tinh said taking care of her four little girls hardly gives her any break during the day. “I just calm one down and another will cry and another start throwing tantrum.”
Yet the couple consider the girls a blessing. “We are lucky to have our ‘Happy Vietnam,'” said the  father Tran Huu Dong, laughing. 
The poor family received support from local authorities and donors to take care of the four in the beginning and build a better house.
 The four girls will reach the preschool age this fall, posing yet another financial problem for the family. It is now already hard enough to make ends meet.
The girls look at photos taken on the day when they were born. 
It's hard to tell the girls apart. Even the parents say so.
They go everywhere together. 
 And do everything together, like drying the firewood and playing with it. They have few toys.
They prefer to have similar clothing. But the parents cannot always afford to buy an identical set at once. 
The parents have to negotiate with the daughters whenever they visit a relative. The girls just want to travel all together, but their parents can only take one or two. 
 The daily parenting only ends at 10 p.m.
Dong has not figured out how to find enough money to send the girls to school, but he said he will make sure they can go and stay in school. 
You can find the original Vietnamese story here on Zing.

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