Joint police operation busts African-led drug ring

TN News

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A joint operation by Vietnamese, Cambodian and Australian police on Monday busted a drug trafficking case led by African nationals.


The police arrested Rohy Mach, 30, and her sister Ma Ry Am, 24, Vietnamese citizens belonging to the Champa ethnic group living in Ho Chi Minh City.


The Cambodian police had on November 24 seized three kilograms of Ice, the street name for crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride, from their pockets when they were at Phnom Penh airport, about to leave for Malaysia.


The girls had been followed since they left HCMC on a bus to Tay Ninh Province bordering Cambodia. They were seen receiving the drug from several African people.


Investigations began after the sisters showed signs of being engaged in illegal activities. They did not have stable jobs but usually traveled abroad to Australia, China, Taiwan and Malaysia after crossing over to Cambodia.


Rohy Mach went to Cambodia ten times this year while Ma Ry Am went to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia 16 times in total, police said.


The police are investigating the case further and looking for people involved in the trafficking ring.


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