Jealousy motivates Vietnam official to attack Aussie with acid

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Despite confessing to throwing acid on a Vietnamese-Australian man last Sunday, a provincial tax official was granted bail by police in the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu.


When the official known as N.V.T, 54, of the Bac Lieu Province's Tax Department was summoned for questioning on Sunday, he confessed to throwing acid on Ta Thai Duong, a 55-year-old Vietnamese-Australian man, out of jealousy, believing him to be a love rival.


It is rare in Vietnam for those arrested for criminal offences to be let out on bail.


Last Friday evening, T. was driving a motorbike behind Duong in an alley on Tran Phu Street, Bac Lieu Town, when he threw a solution of diluted acid on Duong.


Duong sustained burns on various parts of his body which required hospitalization.


T. fled the scene but was summoned for questioning after Duong complained to local police.


T. confessed he became jealous of Duong after seeing him at the house of a local woman named D. with whom Duong had been friends for years.


After getting divorced, T. became involved in a relationship with D. Duong arrived in Vietnam from Australia Friday evening and dropped by D.'s house. The attack occurred after he left her house.


T. said he became enraged upon seeing D. and Duong talking cordially, and that the acid he used was designed to clean toilets.


He said he was just trying to warn Duong.


Local police said T. was granted bail while an investigation is launched. 

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