Indonesian men jailed in flat tire thievery

TN News

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A Hanoi court on Tuesday sentenced two Indonesian men to 15 years imprisonment each for flattening a tire of a Vietnamese couple and stealing money out of their car.

Aldy Prayoga, 39, and Teddy Wijaya, 36, were also ordered to pay back VND2.2 billion (US$106,600) to Vo Van Tam of Cau Giay District.

Charles Arisandy, an accomplice of the duo, returned to Indonesia before the duo was arrested last October.

On April 12, 2010, the three men drove two hired motorcycles to the Techcombank office in Cau Giay District, with one of them entering the bank to watch people withdrawing money.

They later followed a car driven by Tam after Tam withdrew VND2.2 billion from the bank. When the car stopped a red light, Teddy stuck a nail (glued to his shoe toe) through the back tire and informed Tam and his wife that his tires went flat.

After Tam and his wife got out of the car to change tires, Charles and Aldy opened the car's door and took the money bag off the back seat.

The trio changed the money into US dollars and got back to Indonesia the following day.

Six months later, Teddy and Aldy came back to Vietnam and committed three thieveries with the same tricks but failed at stealing any more money.

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