Indebted Party official faces dismissal

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The Ca Mau Province Communist Party Unit will take action against a local senior party official for her personal financial decisions.

Last week, Nguyen Thi Kim Lien, Deputy Director of the Ca Mau Province Education and Training Department, admitted to several breaches of conduct during an official meeting.

According to party officials, Lien admitted to borrowing large sums of money from loan sharks and ignoring official regulations.

All Party members voted to dismiss Lien from the Party and her department.

"She had left her office for days without permission, and missed a political training course," said Thai Van Long, Director of the Ca Mau Education and Training Department.

Lien used to serve as the vice principal of the Dam Doi High School.

Last year, she was elected to be a member of the provincial Party Committee and assigned to the role of deputy director of the Ca Mau Education and Training Department.

Lien's wrongdoing were discovered in late April when ten creditors showed up to her house demanding payment for money she had borrowed.

In addition, the Cau Mau branch of Sacombank provided the department with information about Lien's outstanding debts.

According to an investigation conducted by Provincial Inspection Commission, Lien owes VND1.8 billion to more than 20 different people.

She claimed to have borrowed money to pay for a house she bought from Hoang Tam Property Trading Company a year ago.

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