Impulsive arsonist accidentally kills wife, 2 daughters in Vietnam

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Police in the northern city of Hai Phong said Wednesday that a man set his family on fire in a misguided attempt to quell a family quarrel that ended up killing his wife and two daughters.

Tran Dinh Diep, 28, allegedly drenched a bed in his house with gasoline before setting it ablaze, causing six people, including him, to sustain burns.

At around 8:30 p.m. last Sunday, Diep and his daughters Tran Thu Huyen, age four, and Tran Nhu Ngoc, five, were lying on the bed when Diep heard his father Tran Dinh Hau, 52, and his wife Nguyen Thi Luyen, 28, quarreling.

Hau pushed Luyen into a room, where they fought, with Luyen falling on the bed. The two then struggled, trying to strangle each other.

Diep and his mother Nguyen Thi Nen, 50, tried unsuccessfully to stop the two.

Diep reportedly grew angry, saying: "I will set the bed on fire if you two continue fighting!"

He then opened a gasoline can near the bed, splashed the gasoline on it and sparked a cigarette lighter.

The ensuing conflagration injured six people.

On Tuesday, Hau and Huyen died at a local hospital from their burns.

Ngoc also succumbed to her injuries early Thursday.

The three others are currently hospitalized.

According to police, Hau and Luyen fought on a regular basis, as Hau did not accept Huyen as his daughter-in-law. Hau often humiliated Luyen for having given birth to two baby girls, deriding her for not giving him a grandson.

The case is being investigated further.

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