Important clues found in journalist's murder: police

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Police in Long An Province said on Monday that they had interrogated more than 20 people during the Tet holiday as they investigated the horrific murder of a local journalist last month.

Le Hoang Hung, a 51-year-old reporter of the Laborer newspaper, was reportedly attacked by an intruder who broke into his home in Long An, doused him with gasoline and set him on fire while he was sleeping.

After 10 days of treatment for burn injuries, Hung died at a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City on January 29.

The provincial police said they had found a lot of important evidence that could lead to the primary instigator of the crime, but they needed to carry out more investigations.

Hung's colleagues and friends have said that he'd had disagreement with his wife, Tran Thuy Lieu, over selling their house to settle debts.


Journalist set on fire while asleep at home

She was in favor of selling and he was against it. Others have suspected a revenge attack because of his reporting.

The police said they have questioned Lieu over the past few days. Lieu, 40, admitted that she'd been to Cambodia many times to gamble in casinos there.

She said she could not remember exactly how much money she'd lost in gambling, but estimated the total at hundreds of millions of dong.

The death of Hung has stirred deep public concern after the photograph of his charred bed was published widely.

UNESCO last Thursday called for a full investigation into the murder to make sure the attacker or attackers are "brought to justice".

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