Illegal Vietnamese workers die in Russia

TN News

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Three illegal Vietnamese workers from the north central province of Nghe An died of suffocation in Russia last Thursday.


Vu Duc Cong, chairman of Nghia An Commune in Nghe An's Nghia Dan District, said Monday that three locals named Dang Cong Xuan, 43, Sam Van Binh, 39, and Pham Van Tien, 19, had died from gas suffocation.


According to Cong, the three men's families received calls from Vietnamese workers in Russia telling them that the trio had turned on a gas stove to keep the room warm while they were sleeping last Thursday night.


A gas tank leaked and they allegedly suffocated to death.


Cong said the men entered Russia on travel visas and then overstayed to work. He did not specify which part of Russia they were staying in.


Their families were poor so they could not afford fees to bring the men's bodies back home, Cong said.


The families are waiting for other Vietnamese workers in Russia to collect enough money to incinerate the bodies and bring the ashes home for them.

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